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Could not start Live Link after switching Local accounts

Bug Summary

Live link won’t start after switching the Local account.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a Local site and Live link with your Local account.
  2. Create another Local account, disconnect from the previous one and login with the new.
  3. Start Live Link with the new account, it will throw an error.

Environment Info

macOS Monterey (12.6)
nginx / php 8.0.0 / MySQL 8.0.16
WordPress 6.0.2
Local 6.4.3

Supporting info

local-lightning.log (392.4 KB)

Hi @MrD! Just to check boxes here did you attempt completely quitting Local and then re-opening it? Did you also try a full machine restart as well?

Keep us posted and we’d be happy to look into this further!

Hello @Nick-B.
Yes, I tried both.

However, I did another test. With the new account, created a new site and the live link works.
Therefore, it seems in my case that live link is only working for the account that it was created on.

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Hi @MrD! Thank you for the follow-up. If I’m understanding you correctly I think what you’re encountering is just the nature of the Live Link feature. It is only intended for short-term sharing and is only active while you are signed in to your Local App. Logging out, stopping the site, or quitting your Local App closes that Live Link down. If you wanted to share the site with someone for a longer period of time, it would probably be better to upload it to a Demo Site or a Staging environment.

Hi @Nick-B sorry, it’s not that. Let me try to clarify:

To use Live Link you need to have a localwp.com account.

So user Smith has a localwp account and created two websites.
I decided to create another localwp.com user called James.
However, if James tries to Live Link the websites created by Smith, I will get the above error.

And also with the websites of the new user James, Smith cannot Live Link these websites.

Therefore, my conclusion is that it seems that Live Link works only for the user that has created the website.

Hi @MrD thank you for providing that clarification! I was able to replicate this with your steps and will share it with the team.

Hey there @MrD - thank you for finding this!

While the team takes a look, I’d like to understand the use case a bit more - is there a reason you are using multiple Local accounts? This isn’t something we hear about much from users, so I was curious!

Hi @austinwendt.

Glad I could help, it’s just a matter of configuration on my part. I’m doing websites for two different people, with each one I have an email within their organization. Therefore, I created a Local account for each of them.

Hello @MrD -

Thank you for providing so much detail and clarification - it is appreciated.

This bug has been passed along to the Local development team and has been added to the backlog. That said, in full transparency, there are some other bugs and feature requests that have a higher priority at this time.

We appreciate you so much here on the Local team, please do not hesitate to reach out with more questions or suggestions in the forums!

We’ll keep you updated on the status of this,

Thank you,

Sam :woman_technologist:t3: