Files migration to local fails "uh oh! Unable to provision site"

Issue Summary

I downloaded the public_html files from a site that I’m trying to stage via Filezilla and also my Mysql database and merged them into a zip. When in the process of installing it prompts: “uh oh! Unable to provision site”

what can be failing?

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Hi @nialusby -

Definitely give @afragen’s suggestion a try and let us know if that works for you!


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Hi! Thank you so much for your suggestion: It worked! The site was successfully created, but now I get this other error. I suspect its because the MU plugin files are not there, could this be the reason?

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Hi @nialusby

Correct. Critical errors like these generally aren’t a Local issue but some conflict between a theme, plugin or code on the site. You can use the Open Site Shell feature and WP-CLI to activate, deactivate, or swap out plugins and themes to get you into the site and troubleshoot further.

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