I Need Help

I installed localwp (9.0.2) version on my window (10 pro). But it wasn’t opening.

I downloaded and installed Version 8.2.1, its still not opening.

I’ve deactivated all the anti virus and firewalls on my laptop, still no avail.

Please what could be the problem?

Hi @Ozoano

Did you have any sites in Local you need to save or was this your first time using it?

If you had sites in your Local app I would search and find the Local Site files manually, and then copy/save them somewhere. After that try fully uninstalling Local using the steps here:

Once that is done make sure no security systems are in the way, and also that you aren’t running any other developer applications (XAMPP, WAMP, Docker, etc) and then try reinstalling the latest release to try again.