Importing an export to a thumb drive

I’ve set up localwp on thumb drives and imported an exported site, but running localwp I see the folder for the site continues to point to the original folder. I’ve edited the local-site.json file to point to the folder on the thumb drive, but running localwp always points to the folder on the drive from which the export was made. How to fix?

It sounds like you want to store an imported Local site on a thumb drive?

You could try selecting a folder under your thumb drive at Preferences → New site defaults → Sites path, then try to import the site — it should then appear in the thumb drive.

I did that. This results in the localwp on the thumb drive not recognizing the import; and, for what ever reason, localwp on the thumb drive seems to interact with localwp on my laptop. I’ve even edited the local-site JSON source file to the correct location on the thumb drive. I’ve remoted in to another computer with the same dysfunctional results.

When trying to run Localwp on the thumb drive and localwp is installed first on the laptop, but not running on my laptop, it there something during the install that is installed on the laptop that controls running localwp from either the laptop or thumb drive?

Oh, you’re trying to run Local itself from the thumb drive as well as the imported sites? If so, Local doesn’t support this and isn’t designed to run from a thumb drive — by design it uses your main drive’s user folder to store data and binaries.