Local host server in another laptop

I am using local server in laptop 1 and took the backup in the cloud DropBox. Now I have installed local in laptop 2 and want to download the sites from the cloud to work in laptop 2. But I cant download the sites that i uploaded. But in laptop 1, i can download the sites from the clous as there is an option shows to download which i cant see in the laptop 2 in the new installed local server. I need help.

Hi @Khalid

Are you signed into your same Local account on laptop 2 using your profile icon in the upper left hand corner?

As a workaround you could export the site from laptop 1 and manually share it and then import that zip file into Local on Laptop 2. You could put the zip file into cloud storage, Google drive, email, etc where you could access it on Laptop 2 to download and import.

Thanks. Now all good:)

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