Local renaming partition for Home Directory on Mac


I want to use Local because it’s the best option for a local server, but I’m stymied by the problems it created on my Mac.

Basic issue: From what I see, Local renamed the partition used by my Home Directory from “wd500” to “wd500 1” and created a special partition that used the “wd500” name. This meant that I couldn’t reboot without serious issues, i.e, limited apps and a complete loss of settings.

System info: This was a clean install of macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra on my Mac Mini (late 2012) with 2 drives (SSD for system and apps; HD for Home Directory and backups). The latest version of Local was installed using homebrew on 5/24 and 5/28. Virtualbox was also installed, but I’m not using any VMs as servers; I didn’t install any antivirus. Home Directory was set via Advanced Options under Users & Groups. This was an upgrade from Sierra and years of accumulated cruft.

Info about the two partitions using “ls -ale” in iTerm:
d–x--x–x+ 3 root wheel wd500
0: group:everyone inherited deny add_file,add_subdirectory,directory_inherit
drwxrwxr-x 12 root admin wd500 1

Following down the new “wd500” directory showed:
“wd500” --> --> Library --> Local --> run --> router

  • there was only one entry in each succeeding directory–Library was the only entry under , Local was the only entry under Library, etc.
  • the router directory couldn’t be opened despite changing permissions, removing ACL, and everything I tried


  • the problem recurred after clean reinstall of High Sierra from USB drive and reinstallation of Local and all other apps
  • the problem has not recurred since second clean reinstall on 6/7 of High Sierra from USB drive and no installation of Local (reinstallation of all other apps)

Obviously, I don’t have Local installed right now, because I need to use my computer. I’m willing to try Local again, however, if anyone has a promising idea on how to prevent the problem or how to recover from it.


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