Restore via BackupBuddy

I have tried multiple times with multiple versions of Local to get a site to restore from a BackupBuddy backup…The zip file is 41MB in size, contains very few images (less than 10) DB does have a lot of posts (Site is a billing site using Sprout Invoices…

The "Creating Site Container takes about 10 - 15 mins to run, the WP-CLI step takes a good 20 mins to run, when it finally does finish, I attempt to access the dashboard, I get to the wp-login screen, but never get logged in, open another tab and bang I am logged in…

Am I missing something? is there a log I can look at to even get an idea of what is going on. I have tried three other plugins to get a site to restore and still no luck.

I use the exact same backup file and I can restore the file in DesktopServer in less than 5 mins with zero problems accessing the site.

Are there issues with using BackupBuddy and Local??? I tried this on two different Mac’s and same issues, I tried to get a more recent backup for the live site and still no luck…

Any insight/directions would be very helpful.


Hi Ken,

What version of local are you on?
I am on 2.0.7 and even a 700mb backupbuddy zip works perfectly for me.

I’m using 2.0.7, I’ve tried multiple past versions, just frustrated right
now with it.


I am wondering if I found a # of records in a table limit for Local, I just used a backup for another site and the site restored in a matter of minutes, however, the site I have been struggling with still will NOT work properly after a restore. I cannot get logged in, but when I access the Table, the users are there.

The posts_meta table has over 575K rows in it, so maybe there is a limit, I am willing to provide the backup to a developer on the Local team to debug and offer any insight…I can add a profile to a special backup for the team to review.


Hi Ken,

If you want you can try sending me the backup so i can try on my install if it works and do some more testing to find maybe a solution.

Having this issue too right now…after reinstalling so many versions and trying a bunch of things… I’m going back to DesktopServer. LBF simply isn’t ready and is way too risky to invest web development time into.