Some Core Problems are still there

Hey there. Seems that Open/Save dialogs can ow be opened, thats good! On the other hand, most of the Core Problems and Issues aren’t being solved. Instead of adding fancy and nice new functions, how about to fix some of these:

  • Local still can’t write my /etc/hosts file (no matter what you say);
  • Local Domains don’t work and Localhost can’t SSL, turns null;
  • Apache and other options like MariaDB (10 and 11) arent there.

Other issues may rise as I manage to start at some point. But without Apache, and probably MariaDB, you’re just investing resources on a product that plain doesn’t work (at least on Mac, I use Mojave as Catalina also sucks).

Can’t understand what are the so impossible to solve issues, to add Apache back, please MariaDB 10 and 11 (it’s important) and more than anything being able to use Site Domains and HTTPS/SSL. Without SSL it’s impossible to properly test a site.

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Basically you have ruined local by flywheel. It will not set up and personally I’m sick of things that don’t work. Giving us endless patches and directions like “open it in Virtual” > LIKE HOW MAN! GET WITH THE PROGRAM! People need precise directions.

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I still have hope, @clay is a really great guy and his product is a killer one. I’m faithful that he’ll get both Apache and HTTPS working at some time. Lets keep it positive!

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