SSL Not working on BigSur 11.1

I use macbook air m1 (2020) with BigSur 11.1 and chrome 88.

Clicking the “Trust” button does nothing. site is still showing “Not Secure” error:

Just adding my voice here, have already posted about the problem in the ‘SSL No longer trusted’ thread. I’m also on Big Sur, but not on M1. Same problem - certificate is trusted, but Chrome says ‘Not Secure’.

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Yes forgot to say that on local it says “Trusted”, but still in chrome “Not secure”.

+1 Happening to me on a fresh install of Big Sur 11.2.1

Would be great if we could get a comment, from Flywheel support. Even just an acknowledgement.

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Just to make sure, is the URL in the database set to use https:// and not http://? And then typing the https:// version of url into the browser? The Not Secure message looks like it is serving the http:// version versus an actual broken certificate. When I create a new site in Local, it is creating it as http://, so you might need to manually change it to https://.

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 7.26.27 AM

It is set to https:

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The “Not Secure” part in the address bar is pretty generic, so it helps to know why that connection isn’t secure. A few things to check:

  1. Maybe there are mixed assets? You can determine this by opening the browser console and seeing if there are any messages related to the browser blocking insecure assets

  2. The browser doesn’t like a self-signed certificate. In this case, the browser will usually block you from accessing the site right away, but you can click on the “Note Secure” part to see what the specific issue the browser has with that issue.

Can you take a look at those two things and let us know a bit more about what the issue is that the browser has with the SSL certificate?

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