Two-Factor (2FA) Verification Code Issues

Same issue as others have had: new phone, can’t access my old 2FA to get into my account. Please help!

Reaching out!

Hello! Much like everyone else here, I’ve lost the ability to log in to my account via 2FA. I had gotten a new phone and, unfortunately, didn’t think about properly transferring my 2FA data over. :sweat_smile: Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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Sending you a message @MorganJ :sunglasses:

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I tried to log in to my Local WP account to continue the process of creating my local site and it asks me for a two-factor verification code, but I changed my phone so I don’t have those codes anymore… How can I recover them or at least delete the account so I can create the site again with that e-mail address?

Hi @InterProData - Sending you a DM!

I’m having the same issue. Not receiving 2FA code.

Sent you a message @monkeymia!

Done. Thought I had an account.

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Nick. I have an account. I’m trying to login but I’m not getting the 2FA e-mail.

I’ve sent you a DM @Stef1000 to follow up here

Can’t log in to local–

Hi @gerryw45 - Sending you a DM here to follow up on this!