I’ve encountered what I think is a bug.
I’ve reviewed some similar support topics but haven’t come across my particular case.

Here’s what the order of what happened:

  1. I’ve been using Local extensively for an extended period, under the user account “yb”.
  2. I created a new user on my Mac ( Sierra 10.12.6 (16G29) ) named “ybstreaming”. I marked this account as admin and restarted when prompted.
  3. When quitting I received an error from Flywheel that was dismissed, I believe it was concerning the writing the hosts files for
  4. I logged in after restart as “ybstreaming” and started Local. I started the setup when prompted.
  5. Setup was successful, I then logged out to to check on my sites under “yb”
  6. After logging in to “yb” and starting Local I receive ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on all my sites.

Thanks in advance, I’ll be posting the log and eval results below. Thanks!

Nevermind! I was able to solve the problem by disabling “Faster Docker Volumes” under Preferences > Advanced.

Just goes to show there is always more to read! Hope this thread helps someone else.

One of two log files found in ~/Library/Logs:

local-by-flywheel.log (333.4 KB)