Which .sql file do I import to phpMyAdmin to host a locally developed site with my hosting server?

I have set up a database with my hosting service and am prepared to import the SQL file with phpMyAdmin in order to host the site with DreamHost.
I do not know which SQL file needs to be imported though, and see many .sql files in app/sql. Are one of these the files that will allow me to update my wp-config file to reflect the new database information?

Thank you,

Hey @cooperlovano

Each of those sql files corresponds to one table in the database. They are broken up that way so that you can selectively import them.

Because of this, you can’t just point to one of the files and have it display the site.

Instead, you want to combine all of the files into one file, and then use that to populate the database on your host.

This forum post talks about doing this under Windows: Can't find the proper SQL file

If you are on a Mac, you can use the cat command in the terminal to combine them. That would look something like:

cat *.sql > local-site.sql

This will merge all of the sql files into the local-site.sql file which you can use on the host.

Let me know if you have any questions!

– Ben