Windows - Stuck at Extracting downloaded wordpress

Hi !

I have a new bug.
Local 1.4.3 is stuck when adding a new site at Extracting downloaded wordpress.
I think this has to do with the new 4.7.3 wordpress update.

I cannot start new installs now.


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I’m having the same issue now. Everything was fine, then all my local sites were locked out and couldn’t reach the server. I reinstalled 2 times and now am stuck at “Adding Site” “Extracting Downloaded WordPress”. Any help would be much appreciated. I’d rather not go back to MAMP!

We’ll get this fixed ASAP.

Sorry for the trouble!

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Thanks, Clay. Let us know when a patch is up.

Local 1.4.4 is now available!

Hi Clay !

the problem is fixed.
Also the export bug seems to be fixed. will test a bit more.

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