404 Not Found nginx/1.16.0 when I restore my backup

Summary of the problem

404 Not Found nginx/1.16.0 when I restore my backup

at the beginning of the year I made 2 sites and it was backed up and working normally until the last time I used it, and now a few months later when I restore it it keeps giving this error

Troubleshooting questions

  • Does this happen for all sites in the Site or just one in particular?

when I create a new site it is working but when I restore a site that is in backup (there are 2 different sites) it gives this error

  • Are you able to create a new simple WordPress site on site and access it in a browser?


Hello @Petiz201 - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

Thank you for your question.

May I ask, how are you trying to restore the backup?

Are you importing the site? Or are you using the Cloud Backups Add On?


i am using Cloud Backups add-on

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Hi @Petiz201! To confirm are you using Windows?

You might be running into a bug we have here: